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The Super Cup

Teams finishing in the top 4 are automatically awarded a place in the Super Cup semi-final.

RC Lens(London) have a guaranteed place, because they will only finish 1st or 2nd.

Unfortunately RC Lens(London) can not take up their place this season as the majority of the squad will return to France for the holidays, which means the 5th place team will take their place.

Now this is when it becomes interesting!

Kentish Town Academy and Nigel James Academy could both finish with 30 points and 5th place. Nigel James Academy, holds a 3 goal advantage as we enter the final two weeks.

So, all to play for this weekend! Good Luck to both academies. 

Congratulations to Charlie Goode

From London Youth Premier League subsidiary to the Premier League. Ex Soccerlution IFA graduate Charlie Goode joins another ex- graduate Steven Alzate in the Premier League next season. Charlie’s current club Brentford won the playoffs and join Steven’s Brighton in the Premier. Both boys were initially discovered by league founder Eugene Dwaah.