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League Rule


Failure to post/submit fixture results onto managers Results area by 10pm on Tuesday after said fixture, (£20.00) ;(updated 09/11/2020)


Late posting of fixture results, postponement or abandonment after 10pm on the Tuesday after the weekend fixtures, via the managers Results area (£10.00) ;( updated 09/11/2020)

Report Submission New Information for Coaches 

  1. Coaches MUST check opposition players’ Photo(s) and date of Birth in the team profile area before each match. This process must not interfere with the game kick off time. We suggest two managers get together 30 minutes before kick off time to complete this process. You can access by clicking on the team’s name from the league table. 
  2. After your game it is the responsibility of each manager to check the final score and cautions given by the game referee.

Please note match officials have been instructed to only confirm the above details and report any managers who are abusive in any way and that no other comments are necessary. 

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