LYPS College

Hello and welcome to BTEC Sport!

My name is Lloyd and I’m the Head of Department for Sport & Careers. I’m really pleased you’ve chosen to study Sport at LYPS College and I’m looking forward to welcoming you in person at the start of the academic year.

To make sure you’re ready for the course, I’d like you to complete a series of tasks and activities over the coming months. These tasks will be the same whether you’re planning on taking the Extended Certificate (the equivalent of one A Level) or the Diploma course (the equivalent of two A Levels).

Whichever course you’ve chosen, you’ll have the chance to share what you’ve learnt in September so please throw yourself into each activity, and above all enjoy them.

All of the tasks should be completed by Choices Day on 25 August.

The tasks will be released here in three phases:

Fitness training and programming

Knowledge of fitness training and programming is essential for Unit 2 of BTEC Level 3 Sport. Breaking it down It’s important to have a good understanding of the components of fitness, both physical and skill-related. Task 1: Watch the following video on Ronaldo and answer the questions below.
  • Which fitness components can you identify?
  • Why is each fitness component you have identified important in sport?