League Ambassadors

From Academy Football at Youth Level to being released, entering non league football and coming back into the game as a professional football. Wilson ” Dare to Dream”

The London Youth Premier League is proud to appoint Wilson Carvalho as the new League Player mentor and Ambassador. Wilson started his career at Soccerlution IFA aged 9 and has taken hard route to fulfil his dreams. Wilson was also skillful but was very small for his age and failed to make an impact as a young boy against bigger and stronger players. We always knew if he continued to believe in himself his talent and time would eventually come. 

Honorary League President Colin Barnes, Head of Recruitment Crystal Palace Football Club 

Colin has supported the innovative league since the start in 2015. Colin’s passion to find and develop young players to the full potential has seen his innovative approach pay off for the Academy in recent years. Colin continues to give his experience to the league and our development and sportsmanship ethos.