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What is the role of the Club Secretary/Administrator?

The main purpose of this job is that of principal administrator for the club. The Club Secretary carries out or delegates all the administrative duties that enable the club and its members to function effectively.

The Club Secretary is a pivotal role within the club, with a close involvement in the general running of the club. The secretary and their assistant provide the main point of contact for people within and outside the club on just about every aspect of the club’s activities.

What sort of tasks are involved?

Tasks will include:

Attending league meetings;
Affiliating the club to the League
Registering Staff/players to the league(s);
Dealing with correspondence; including league disciplinary correspondents
Leads whole club communication with league.                                                                            Responsible for making sure fines are paid on time                                                                                          First point of contact for the league on whole club matters

please register your club secretary below

All staff including the secretary who are involved in the league will have to pay for a league Enhanced DBS. Cost is £22 per member of staff (volunteer). The league will invoice the club.
Once you register a member of staff they will be sent a link from our management company Evolution Sports Group to register for Enhanced DBS and instructions will be given. 


Most common fines

  • Failure to pay fines on time 
  • Failure to deal with league communications ie text and emails 
  • When registering players unsuitable passport photos and not following the guidelines 
Please use the section below to register all your coaches, senior staff and to make deposit payment to the league. Closing date 1 May 2022
You can add or redraw teams in June, July and early August 2022 by emailing Camille
We will refund all deposits if you redraw a team up to August. 
All deposits will be refunded at the end of the season upon request unless outstanding payments are due to the league.

Suitable staff photo 

Not Suitable Staff Photo