Club Secretaries

This area is for club/team administrators & secretaries 

Please first read this page so you understand how the league registration works, what fees are involved and our general terms and conditions of joining. Then, to register your team, please complete the online registration process, starting here: 
Please register and commence payment by 31 July 2020 (deadline).

(The LYPS can now process the necessary Enhanced DBS checks on behalf of staff/volunteers and clubs in the league (subject to terms and conditions and fees) 

Important rules and documents to read
  • Please note the following terms of registration:


  • Failure to pay your fees on time or maintain payments will result in your club being dismissed from the league.

  • Unpaid club fines issued by the league  from any matches will result in your player/club not being scheduled for matches or suspended until these are paid.

  • LYPS  reserve  the right to dismiss a player or club from the league.

  • The league operates a no refund policy if your club decides to leave the league at any point in the season or if we asked your club or a player to leave the league on grounds of ill-discipline or simply a player does not wish to play for the club or league. If a player is released from the club for other reasons, the league will consider the circumstances for a refund on a case by case basis and in any case any payment will be pro rata.

  • If you have outstanding fees from the previous season, you will not be permitted to register for the current season until such fees are paid.

Highest standards of goverance required

What criteria must be satisfied to join the league?

Information about Club/player discipline and fines

The London Youth Premier Showcase aims to ensure a safe environment for all players of the game.

If your child/player is given a yellow or a red card during a game, or the behaviour of your son after the game is deemed to be inappropriate, the referee or officials from the opposition will report such incidents to the League

Incidents would include the use of offensive or threatening language, persistent or reckless fouls, lack of respect towards match day officials and any other such behaviour deemed to be inappropriate. The League will then review each reported incident.

As a consequence  the League may issue club/player fines. The fines start at £10 upwards depending on the severity of the incident with a late fine charge if applicable for any fines paid late.

In registering for the league, clubs agree to make prompt payment for any individual player fines issued by the League. Failure to pay fines will result in the immediate suspension of the club/player until such time the fine is paid.

In joining the league players and parents agree to our code of conduct

As well as teaching good football we want our boys to be well-rounded citizens and role models both on and off the pitch. It is important that parents/carers/ spectators set an example and follow the code of conduct below both at training and matches 

  • Respect the coaches and volunteers of the club and speak to them in an appropriate manner

  • Remain outside the field of play and behind the Designated Spectator Area (where provided) 

  • Never engage in, or tolerate, offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour 

  • Always respect the match officials’ decisions 

  • Applaud effort and good play as well as success

  • In addition, when attending youth games we expect: 

  • Remember that children play for FUN 

  • Let the coaches do their job and not confuse the players by telling them what to do 

  • Encourage the players to respect the opposition and match officials 

  • Never criticise a player for making a mistake -mistakes are part of learning

If you breach the above it may result in action being taken by the League .

The form below must be completed for all staff including:
  • Managers
  • Coaches
  • League Secretaries
  • Welfare Officers
  • Any one else involved in the club who has contact with young people

Disclaimer: Staff ID cards will only be issued to staff who have been officially registered by the league. We will not recognise anyone who has not been officially registered .


Our Policy

How long are companies allowed to keep hold of DBS data?

Once a recruitment (or other relevant) decision has been made, organisations should not keep disclosure information for any longer than is absolutely necessary. This is generally for a period of up to six months to allow for the consideration and resolution of any disputes or complaints.

How should they dispose of it?

Organisations should ensure that the information is destroyed via secure means, i.e. by shredding, pulping or burning.

Employee files should be kept in a secure, locked cabinet, and access should be restricted to trusted individuals. In line with regulations, DBS reports should be securely destroyed after six months.