Player Registration

Use this page to register all your players

Please download the 2 forms below:
Player Registration 2021-2022 & Photo/Video Consent.
Please ensure all your players/parents complete forms and sign. 
Please then email Camile 


With a copy(proof) of your player payment

(LYPS Bank Transfer details)

Name of Account (LYPS) Sort Code (04-00-04) Account number (53518423)

Camille will send you a private link to register the player formally this link will expire within 48 hours

Football Age Group Checker

Are you wondering which age group(s) your son can play in?

Using the rules provided in the Football Association’s Handbook you can check here.
Simply enter your child’s date of birth…

Signing players during the season:


*New registration will restart on 11 October 2021.

January 1, 2022 – April 1, 2022

Players registered during this period will receive 25% off the registration fee

Registered April 1, 2022, onwards

Players registered during this period will be receive 50% off the registration fee



Please ensure you submit a passport standard photo (please do not submit a photo of a photo, any photo with boys not wearing a top and must be head to shoulder as in a passport (there is a £5 fine for photo which do not meet the guidelines)

IF the photo is not like below you will be fines (head shoot only not full body)

If there are objections from parents for use of image on site for player ID, we are able to provide a physical ID for an additional cost of £12 per player.

If you wish to take advantage of this please email: using reference “PLAYER ID card”