2020-2021 Planning

Dear Colleague(s),

Thank you for registering an interest in the 2020-2021 season. I very much appreciate that the current situation is very difficult for all. Whilst attempting to ensure we are able to provide a professional and improved experience next season we are very sensitive to the current situation for the nation. We hope by taking the initiative you and your club will be reassured that when we come out of this you and your boys will have a great season to look forward to:

We have listened to some of the comments and suggestions made to us and have looked closely at the following:

  • Venues & Co-ordination
  • Referee Assistants for all games at all venues
  • Communication and Disciplinary matters 
  • Expansion to North/East London, South/East London 
  • Management Team made up of senior clubs 

We need your league secretary or Academy Manager to fill in the form. (this will enable us to shape the format and experience further)

2020 – 2021 Age Bands  

Saturdays: U7 (Year 2 September 2014 – August 2015)  U8 (Year 3) September 2013 – August 2014)

Saturdays: U9 (Year 4 September 2012 – August 2013), U10 (Year 5) September 2011 – August 2012) , (Mixed) U11-12 (Year 6-7) September 2008 – August 2010)

Sundays: (Mixed) U13-14( Year 8-9) September 2006- August 2008 ) , U15-16 (Year 10/11)September 2004 – August 2006)  , Mixed U16 – 17 (Year 11/12) September 2003 – August 2004)

Saturdays Venues: 

  1. Northwest London
  2. Southwest London
  3. West London

Sunday Venues:

  1. Northolt
  2. Club des Sport
  3. Bridgestone Arena
  4. Kings House

(New venues)

  1. North/East London
  2. South / East London

Annual Costs ** (please take note when completing the form)

Please note this is a guide only at this stage and the maximum amount. We will be putting together a payment plan for all teams and players to support.

(1 match official except for showcase centres) Under 13 – Under 17’s £150 per player

(Referee & 2 Assistants for all games) Under 13 – Under 17’s £175 per player

Under 8 – Under 12’s (£125 per player)